Billy Dutch

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Billy Dutch

Growing up outside of Spokane, WA, Billy Dutch always knew he was destined to play music. Both of his grandfathers were popular musicians back in the day. His Grandpa (Billy) performed and traveled with Gonzaga University’s Glee Club. His other grandfather (Dutch) was also a well-known musician in the PNW. According to Billy Dutch, “My Great Grandfather (Dutch) played with Bing Crosby back in college and actually was the guy that convinced Bing to get out of town and go to Hollywood.” He also said, “Although they found success locally with their music, their dreams of making it big never came true, so I feel like I’m destined to make it work for them and my family.”

Billy grew up playing bluegrass and country throughout his early life but felt that there was a hole that needed to be filled. Right after Billy graduated high school, he left home motivated by heart break and finding who he was. With nothing more than his guitar, a sleep sack and his barely running 73 F100 Pickup, he loaded up and headed East. Throughout the next couple of years, he traveled all parts of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, wrangling for different Ranches and riding rough stock in the local rodeos. “I would just drive endlessly until I broke down again. When I would break down, I would look for local work until I had enough money to move to the next town.” Billy journeyed from the high country of Montana to the lows of Wyoming writing music and making “unforgettable connections” with the people he met.

It wasn’t until Billy realized he needed something more, something bigger than himself, that he found his way into a recruiting office. There he signed his life away serving five years in the Army as a combat medic.

Billy continued to write music throughout his journey and recently put out his first EP called “Roy.” There, he features raw and real country tunes like “Have a Good Time” and “Daddy’s Old Pickup.” Billy finds his motivation through making connections with his fans by giving them nothing but “raw and real” country music. He is bringing real country with raw emotion back into songwriting.